What is Antimony?

Antimony is a metalloid or semimetal that is isolated and processed from the mineral stibnite. It exists in two forms. Its metallic form is silvery, hard, and brittle, while its non-metallic form is a bright gray powder. Antimony is one of the oldest metals and has been used since ancient times in medicine and cosmetics.

Today, antimony and its compounds are valuable products with strategic importance to the world economy. Expanded use of the metal globally has contributed to its inclusion as a critical material. Antimony products have a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including metallurgy, manufacturing and production, electronics, and medicine. 

OUSHI METAL is one of the leading global producers of high-quality antimony metal and its compounds, with 25 years of experience in the industry. We supply a full line of high-grade antimony products to meet the most stringent industry requirements.

Oushi Metal Antimony Products

Our comprehensive range of antimony-based products includes:

  • Antimony Ore – Highly pure industrial-grade Ore available in several forms, including ingot, lumps, bars, granules, and powder.
  • Antimony trioxide – an industrial-grade oxide of antimony metal available as a white fine powder.
  • Antimony trisulfide – A sulfide of antimony metal available in the form of grey/black powdery crystals. It is produced by carefully selecting, purifying, and processing stibnite.

Whatever antimony products you need, OUSHI METAL can supply it in large quantities and at competitive prices. We can also supply product sizes based on customer requirements.

Antimony Applications

Our high-grade antimony products are utilized in more than 30 industries for the following applications:

  • Alloying – in metallurgy, antimony metal forms useful alloys with various metals such as lead, steel, and tin. The alloys have improved properties such as hardness, strength, and durability. These characteristics make the alloys well suited for welding, tempering, cutting, heat-treating, shearing, drilling, and punching. Antimony-based alloys serve the heavy equipment, architectural, construction, shipbuilding, and defense industries.
  • Flame retardants – Antimony trioxide and trisulfide are used as ingredients in flameproofing compounds. Flame-retardants are added to textiles, plastics, fibers, resins, synthetic rubber, paints, and other products.
  • Manufacturing- Antimony oxide is used as an opacifying agent in the production of ceramics, glasses, and enamels and as an inorganic white pigment in paints. It is also a vital catalyst in the production of PET plastic and hardening of rubber. Antimony compounds are also used in the manufacture of lead-acid batteries, safety matches, explosives, fireworks, and ammunition and as an inorganic white pigment in paints.
  • Friction Materials – Antimony trisulfide is widely used in the friction material industry. It improves the temperature resistance of friction materials such as disc brake pads. This property helps maintain friction stability and prolongs the service life of the materials.
  • Electronics- Pure form antimony is used as a doping agent in semiconductors for infrared detectors, diodes, and other electronic devices.
  • Medicine – Antimony compounds are used in some treatments as emetics (substances that induce vomiting). They are also used in various veterinary preparations.

Advantages of Oushi Metal Antimony

Antimony is an important and valuable metal for the above industries. As such, it is crucial that you source the metal and its derived compounds from a highly reputable and reliable dealer. OUSHI METAL uses top-quality raw materials, and we have invested in best-in-class production processes to ensure we supply antimony products of high standards.

We have relevant industry certifications, including ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004, which represent strict adherence to internationally agreed standards. We have also implemented a quality management system with a strong focus on continual product improvement and customer service

We invite you to browse our catalog and check out the antimony products we have in stock. OUSHI METAL is available round the clock for all your inquiries regarding our products, and we also offer expert advice to help you with your decision. By consulting our staff, you will be well-informed when selecting the antimony metal products that are best suited for your applications and use cases

We also ensure that your package is shipped to you as ordered and within the shortest time possible.  OUSHI METAL is constantly researching and working on new products. If you have any questions about our existing products, contact us today, and we will be able to help you.