Antimony oxide has been in use for a while and is used in even new industries. Its chemical formula is Sb2O3. One of the main uses of antimony oxide is as an opacifying agent for glasses. It can also be used as a catalyst in various chemical reactions and used as flame retardant for various resins, synthetic rubber, canvas, paper, paint, etc. Anatomy oxide is also used when it comes to proofing ceramics as well as staining copper and glass. Since it can be dangerous to handle, you must ensure it is from someone you can trust. OSHI Metal has experience handling such raw material, such as manganese, vanadium and silicon, etc. We also carry out any processes you might need with the metal, so you do have to do it.

That way, you can rest assured that the final product will be okay and free of any hazardous residue. Reach out to us today for our antimony oxide needs. We will ensure that everything works in your favor.