Chongyang County, located in China’s Hubei province, is world-renowned for its rich deposits of metal ores. As such, Hubei Oushi Metal Company has positioned itself as one of the world’s leading producers of mineral products such as Manganese, Molybdenum, Silicone, Antimony, and Vanadium. Antimony Sulfide and Antimony Trisulfide make up some of their most highly demanded products supplied to clients worldwide.


Even though antimony sulfide is one of the commonly used chemicals in the market, it can be very toxic when mishandled. For these reasons, you must ensure that your antimony sulfide for sale comes from the right supplier. At Oushi Metal, you can rest easy knowing we will get you the right product.


What Makes Antimony Sulfide Important

High-grade antimony sulfide, known as stibnite, is a lustrous whitish solid with a flaky, brittle texture. To liberate antimony metal, this can either be electrolysis, reacted with molten iron, or oxidized and reduced with carbon. The resulting product is what finds useful application across various fields and industries.


Type Casting

The metallurgical industry utilizes antimony in various roles, chiefly because antimony alloys tend to expand rather than contract when they solidify after being melted down. This is a quality they only share with water, as it reverses what happens with almost every other metallic material. 


Because of this, it is very useful in creating castings and type metals, as this expanding property allows it to fill up the tight crevices of casting molds completely. Type metals, normally used in printing presses and similar machines, need extremely hard types to give each character the highest definition and sharpness possible. Type metals such as tin and lead are typically infused with antimony to provide them with added hardness.


Hardening Alloys

Antimony will significantly increase its strength and hardness when added in small quantities to other metals, such as lead. For this reason, it is used to create alloys widely used in various industries to develop products such as automobile storage batteries, cable covers, bullet casings, and chemical handling equipment such as pumps, pipes, and tanks. 


Babbitt Metals

Heavy industrial applications rely heavily on effective ball bearings to keep their machines running and operating smoothly. When making such ball bearings, it is impossible to use regular metals as they will not withstand the pressure, friction, and heat they will be exposed to. 


The solution to this is using special metals known as babbitt metals. These metals are created by mixing tin and lead with antimony to create antifriction alloys that can then be used to create highly durable ball bearings.


Semiconductor Technology

The semiconductor industry relies on high-precision components to make powerful microchips for use all over the world. Intermetallic compounds such as gallium antimonide and indium, which are important in this industry, are made using antimonide elements.


Household Utensils

Antimony finds its way into everyone’s home in the shape of common utensils. When combined with tin, it is used to create pewter and Britannia metal, which are used to manufacture general home utensils.


Flame Retardants

Compounds of antimony, especially its trioxides, are infused into various materials to give them flame-retardant properties. Such materials include plastics, paints, textiles, and rubber. This increases their safety ratings by giving them a level of resistance against fire hazards.


Textile Binding Agents

Various antimony compounds are used as paint pigments, and an inorganic salt of antimony known as tartar emetic is used as a binding agent in the textile industry. Tartar emetic is also used in medicine as a nauseant and expectorant.


Antimony sulfide’s chemical formula is S3Sb2. We deal with high-quality antimony sulfide powder, so you do not have to worry about it getting too toxic for use. We have been in business for a long time and understand all the packaging and shipping requirements for antimony sulfide. 


For this reason, you do not have to worry about how the product will get to you after ordering. You can rest easy knowing that we will get it in perfect condition.