If you are in the metal industry, then chances are you have come across manganese. Even though it is not a common metal to be used, at OSHI Metal, we have found various uses from its manganese ore. For example, we supply electrolytic metal manganese which containing 99.7% manganese for the smelting of copper alloys. Also, silicon manganese is also the main raw material of medium and low carbon ferro manganese production. When oxygen is added, it becomes manganese oxide; a metal used when deoxidizing steel. It can also be mixed with iron to make ferromanganese for various uses.

You should check us out if you are in the market and looking for manganese for your business. We have years of experience with such metals and will ensure you get a product that will work for you. We will also advise you on the manganese you need for your business. That way you get a metal that works effectively with your line of work. Contact us now!