Pure vanadium metal is generally obtained by reducing vanadium pentoxide with potassium under high pressure. Most vanadium is a by-product of processing other minerals. In industry, vanadium pentoxide can also be reduced by aluminum and coke to produce pure vanadium. Adding a few percent of vanadium in steel can greatly increase the elasticity and strength of steel, and have excellent wear resistance and crack resistance. It is not surprising that vanadium can be found everywhere in automobile, aviation, railway, electronics, national defense industry and other sectors. In addition, vanadium oxide has become one of the best catalysts in the chemical industry, known as “chemical bread”. It is mainly used for manufacturing high-speed cutting steel and other alloy steels and catalysts. Vanadium steel can be made by adding vanadium into steel. Vanadium steel is more compact than ordinary steel structure, with higher toughness, elasticity and mechanical strength.