Vanadium catalyst means that the vanadium compound has good catalytic performance. That is, it does not participate in the chemical reaction itself, but with its participation, it can accelerate the reaction. This effect is called catalysis. The reagents made of such compounds plus carriers are called catalysts. The chemical reagents made of convex vanadium compounds and diatomaceous earth carriers that can change the rate of certain chemical reactions without participating in the reaction themselves are called vanadium catalysts. As early as 1870, someone used vanadium salt as an oxidation catalyst to produce nigrosine. In 1900, German E. de Haen first reported that vanadium catalyst was used to replace platinum for the production of sulfuric acid, so SO2 was converted into SO3. Vanadium catalyst is still mainly used in the sulfuric acid industry. Besides sulfuric acid, they are ideal for the production of, maleic anhydride, Phthalic anhydride, Phosphophthalic anhydride, ethylene, propylene rubber, etc. Vanadium products from Oushi Metal are reliable and stable. Inquire now!