The Low-Temperature Vanadium Catalyst is mainly used in Section I upper part, Section IV and Section V of the converter. The operating temperature is 400℃ -550℃.

The product uses refined composite diatomite, with large specific surface area and porosity as well as low bulk density. Its bulk density is 14% -16% lower than that of similar products. The catalyst activity is 10%-14% higher than that of similar products. Other features include uniform strength, small deviation, and strong anti-chalking ability.

Vanadium catalyst is used to produce sulfuric acid instead of platinum to convert sulfur dioxide into sulfur trioxide. At present, vanadium catalyst is mainly used in sulfuric acid industry.

Located in China’s Largest Vanadium Zone

HUBEI OUSHI METAL CO., LTD. is located in the vanadium village of China, Shicheng, Chongyang county, Hubei province. Chongyang county has rich reserve of stone coal vanadium ore. Chongyang county has more than 30 years of development experience in the vanadium industry.

A Wide Range of Metal Mineral Products

We supply a great selection of metal mineral products, including antimony, manganese, molybdenum, silicone, vanadium and chromium. They are widely used in many industries such as steel, chemical, battery, agriculture, electronics and aerospace.

ISO-Certified Company

Our company has passed the certifications of ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004. We specialize in the production and sale of vanadium products with high standards.